Registration / PHD Position
Please note: Though submission is already closed, there are still a few slots within our MCBO projects. If you are interested, we suggest to contact us directly to find out more about it!

Financial support:

The MCBO program provides financial support in accordance with the Ph.D. student salary suggested by the Austrian Science Foundation (about € 2000.- gross per month). The salary is initially guaranteed for the proposed 3-year duration of the thesis work.


  • completed masters degree or diploma in biological sciences, medicine, pharmacy, physics, chemistry, or in closely related subjects
  • less than 30 years of age
  • excellent command of spoken and written English (knowledge of German is of advantage but not required)
  • proven record of high scientific interest and achievements (evidenced by previous research experience and recommendation of established scientists)
  • strong interest to integrate and contribute to the MCBO research community and readiness to comply with all obligations of the program (e.g. participation in courses and lectures; conducting part of the research work in an outside institution)

How to apply:

  1. Verify that you meet all requirements
  2. Study the list of available projects and the participating research groups and select your first and second choice of thesis projects (if you consider only one project, leave the second choice in the application form blank. This will not affect your ranking.)
  3. Obtain the consent of two potential referees (scientific advisors and/or university teachers who know you well enough to complete a detailed questionnaire and evaluation. The questionnaire will be sent by the MCBO office after receipt of the complete application form.)
  4. Complete and submit the online application (send signed hard copy by mail)

    Download Application form (docx document)  


Selection process:

  1. Verification that the application is complete and that the applicant fulfils all requirements
  2. Obtaining candidate evaluations from referees
  3. Skype interviews with our selected candidates.
  4. Evaluation by MCBO scientist and ranking of candidates based on their qualifications, research experience, and future plans.
  5. Invitation of preselected candidates for a hearing and personal job interviews in Innsbruck in (early) spring (for reimbursement issues please contact
  6. Final selection of stipendiates.
  7. Start of work

Additional regulations:

  • Only fully completed application forms will be considered. Other forms of application will not be accepted.
  • Each applicant can only submit one application. Multiple application forms to apply for more than two projects will be interpreted as lack of focus.
  • Applicants with only a bachelor degree (B.S) or similar are not eligible.

Please note that in order to actually join MCBO you will have to be admitted at the Innsbruck Medical University and (depending on your nationality) you may need to obtain the right to immigrate and work in Austria. The admission into the MCBO program does not prejudice or guarantee these decisions by the University and by Austrian government agencies.

For more information on admission into the Innsbruck Medical University see:
IMU doctoral program
For more information on the immigration, permit of residence, and work permit contact the Austrian embassy in your home country:
austrian foreign ministry