Martowicz Agnieszka, M.Sc.

University / Clinic: Medical University Innsbruck / Internal Medicine V
Institute: Tyrolean Cancer Research Institute
Research Area: Experimental Oncology


Research Topic:
Functional analysis of Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule (EpCAM) in breast cancer.

Selected publications:
  Massoner P, Thomm T, Mack B, Untergasser G, Martowicz A, Bobowski K, Klocker H, Gires O, Puhr M
EpCAM is overexpressed in local and metastatic prostate cancer, suppressed by chemotherapy and modulated by MET-associated miRNA-200c/205.
Br J Cancer. 2014 Aug 26;111(5):955-64.

  Martowicz A, Rainer J, Lelong J, Spizzo G, Gastl G, Untergasser G
EpCAM overexpression prolongs proliferative capacity of primary human breast epithelial cells and supports hyperplastic growth
Mol Cancer. 2013 Jun 10;12(1):56.

  Martowicz A, Spizzo G, Gastl G, Untergasser G
Phenotype-dependent effects of EpCAM expression on growth and invasion of human breast cancer cell lines.
BMC Cancer. 2012 Oct 30;12:501.

  Gostner J, Fong D, Wrulich O, Lehne F, Zitt M, Hermann M, Krobitsch S, Martowicz A, Gastl G, Spizzo G
Effects of EpCAM overexpression on human breast cancer cell lines.
BMC Cancer. 2011 Jan 31;11:45.

  Untergasser G, Martowicz A, Hermann M, Töchterle S, Meyer D
Distinct expression patterns of dickkopf genes during late embryonic development of Danio rerio.
Gene Expr Patterns. 2011 Dec;11(8):491-500