Wöss Claudia, Dr.med.

University / Clinic: Medical University Innsbruck
Institute: Division of Developmental Immunology
Research Area: Cell death signaling

Email: claudia.woess@i-med.ac.at
Web: www.apoptosis.at

Research Topic:

Selected publications:
  Wöss C, Tuzlak S, Labi V, Drach M, Bertele D, Schneider P, Villunger A
Combined loss of the BH3-only proteins Bim and Bmf restores B-cell development and function in TACI-Ig transgenic mice.
Cell Death Differ. 2015.

  Labi V, Wöss C, Tuzlak S, Erlacher M, Bouillet P, Strasser A, Tzankov A, Villunger A
Deregulated cell death and lymphocyte homeostasis cause premature lethality in mice lacking the BH3-only proteins Bim and Bmf.
Blood. 2014 Apr 24;123(17):2652-62

  Baumgartner F, Wöss C, Klepsch-Pedit V, Tzankov A, Labi V, Villunger A
Minor cell-death defects but reduced tumor latency in mice lacking the BH3-only proteins Bad and Bmf.
Oncogene. 2013 Jan 31;32(5):621-30

  Tischner D, Wöss C, Ottina E, Villunger A
Bcl2-regulated cell death signalling in the prevention of autoimmunity.
Cell Death and Disease 1, e48; doi:10.1038/cddis.2010.27

  Wurm M, Wöss C, Libiseller K, Beer B, Pavlic M
Challenging small human hepatocytes with opiates: further characterization of a novel prototype bioartificial liver.
Tissue Eng Part A. 2010 Mar;16(3):807-13.