Shrivastava Manisha, PhD

University / Clinic: Innsbruck Medical University
Institute: Department of Medical Genetics, Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology
Research Area: Excitation-contraction (EC) coupling


Research Topic:
Molecular mechanisms of EC coupling in skeletal muscle with special consideration of the role of the CaV1.1 Ca2+ influx.

MS significantly helped with her biophysical data to characterize the first non-conducting calcium channels that we identified in teleost fish skeletal muscle. Our work in PNAS found special interest and was highlighted in the renowned Journal “Science Signalling” in March 2010 as Editors’ choice, “When a channel is not a channel” (;3/115/ec92)

Manisha is currently postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Ophthalmology in Northwestern University, Chicago

Selected publications:
  Shrivastava M, Schredelseker J, Grabner M
Charged pore residues adjacent to the selectivity filter impede Ca2+ conductivity of the zebrafish DHPR α1S-b
Arch. Biochem. Biophys.; submitted