Kollmann Veronika, PhD

University / Clinic: Innsbruck Medical University
Institute: Department for Medical Genetics, Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology
Research Area: Experimental Cell Genetics

Email: email@v-kollmann.de
Web: www.sfb021.at/baier

Research Topic:
Titel of Thesis: Molecular role of PKC isotypes in beta2-integrin mediated T cell adhesion & survival

The small GTPase Rap1 is required for beta2-integrin function in T lymphocytes, however, the upstream regulatory components triggered by the T cell receptor have not been resolved. VK contributed to identify PKC and its effector RapGEF2 as critical and non-redundant in T cell receptor signaling to Rap1. PKC thus sets the threshold for T cell activation by regulating both cytokine responses & adhesive capacity of T lymphocytes.

Veronika is instructor for chemistry and genetic engineering at the technical college in Munich.

Selected publications:
  Letschka T, Kollmann V, Pfeifhofer-Obermair C, Lutz-Nicoladoni C, Obermair G, Fresser F, Leitges M, Hermann-Kleiter N, Kaminski S, Baier G
PKCtheta selectively controls the adhesion-stimulating molecule Rap1.
Blood. 2008 Dec 1;112(12):4617-27. Epub 2008 Sep 16