Ecker Karin, PhD

University / Clinic: Innsbruck Medical University
Institute: Division Molecular Pathophysiology
Research Area:


Research Topic:
Thesis title "Identification of glucocorticoid receptor - interacting proteins"

The main goal of this project is a systematic search for further glucocorticoid receptor - interaction partners to achieve a better unterstanding of the complex network of glucocorticoid signaling. Identified and verified interactions are closer investigated i.e. by functional assays.

Selected publications:
  Ecker K, Hengst L
Skp2: caugt in the Akt. Invited review.
Nature Cell Biology. 11, 377-379.

  Sonnleitner E, Napetschnig J, Afonyushkin T, Ecker K, Vecerek B, Moll I, Kaberdin VR, Blasi U.
Functional effects of variants of the RNA chaperone Hfq.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun 323:1017-23