Singh Anamika, Mag.

University / Clinic: University of Innsbruck
Institute: Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Institute of Pharmacy
Research Area: Membrane proteins, physiology of L type calcium channels with focus on Cav.1.4


Research Topic:
Thesis title: "Physiology of L-type Calcium Channels"

Overall scientific goals and concepts:

The aim of my doctoral work focuses onto determining the structure - functional relationship of L-type calcium channels. One of which is Cav1.4 LTCC involved in the sense of vision and mutations in the gene cause congenital stationary night blindness type 2(CSNB2).

Selected publications:
  Singh A, Gebhart M, Fritsch R, Sinnegger-Brauns M, Poggiani C, Hoda J, Engel J, Romanin C, Striessnig J, Koschak A
Modulation of voltage- and Ca2+-dependent gating of Cav1.3 L-type calcium channels by alternative splicing of a C-terminal regulatory domain.
J Biol Chem 283:20733-44

  Singh A, Hamedinger D, Hoda J, Gebhart M, Koschak A, Romanin C, Striessnig J
C-terminal modulator controls Ca2+-dependent gating of Ca(v)1.4 L-type Ca2+ channels.
Nat Neurosci., 9, 1108-16.

  Hoda J, Zaghetto F, Singh A, Koschak A, Striessnig J
Effects of congenital stationary night blindness type 2 mutations R508Q and L1364H on Cav1.4 L-type Ca2+ channel function and expression.
J Neurochem., 96, 1648-58.

  Verma S, Singh A, Chowdhury S, Tripathi A
Endophytic colonization ability of two deep-water rice endophytes, Pantoea sp. and Ochrobactrum sp. using green fluorescent protein reporter
Biotechnol Lett., 26, 425-9.