Stoitzner Patrizia, Assoz. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Mag.Dr

University / Clinic: Dept. of Dermatology and Venereology, IMU
Institute: Lab for Langerhans Cell Research
Research Area: skin cancer, dendritic cells, immunotherapy


Research Topic:
therapeutic intervention against skin cancer by harnessing dendritic cells :
- What role do dendritic cells play in immunosurveillance of skin tumors? постельное белье 3д

- How can dendritic cells be harnessed for immunotherapy against skin cancer?
- Which is the optimal way to target antigen to skin dendritic cells? постельное белье 3D

- development of novel strategies to treat skin cancer

  The tumor strikes back: Loss of skin DC in a spontaneous melanoma mouse model
details ...

Selected publications:
  Mairhofer D, Ortner D, Tripp C, Schaffenrath S, Fleming V, Heger L, Komenda K, Reider D, Dudziak D, Chen S, Becker J, Flacher V, Stoitzner P
Impaired gp100-Specific CD8+ T Cell Responses in the Presence of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells in a Spontaneous Mouse Melanoma Model.
J Invest Dermatol. 2015 Jun 29.

  Flacher V, Tripp C, Mairhofer D, Steinman R, Stoitzner P, Idoyaga J, Romani N
Murine Langerin+dermal dendritic cells prime CD8+T cells while Langerhans cells induce cross-tolerance.
EMBO Mol Med. 2014 Aug 1;6(9):1191-204.

  Voisin B, Mairhofer D, Chen S, Stoitzner P, Mueller C, Flacher V
Anatomical distribution analysis reveals lack of Langerin+ dermal dendritic cells in footpads and tail of C57BL/6 mice.
Voisin BExp Dermatol. 2014 May;23(5):354-6.

  Hannesdóttir L, Tymoszuk P, Parajuli N, Wasmer M, Philipp S, Daschil N, Datta S, Koller J, Tripp C, Stoitzner P, Müller-Holzner E, Wiegers G, Sexl V, Villunger A, Doppler W
Lapatinib and doxorubicin enhance the Stat1-dependent antitumor immune response
Eur J Immunol. 2013 Jun 12

  Lutz-Nicoladoni C, Wallner S, Stoitzner P, Pircher M, Gruber T, Wolf A, Gastl G, Penninger J, Baier G, Wolf D
Reinforcement of cancer immunotherapy by adoptive transfer of cblb-deficient CD8(+) T cells combined with a DC vaccine.
Immunol Cell Biol. 2011

  Stoitzner P, Sparber F, Tripp C
Langerhans cells as targets for immunotherapy against skin cancer.
Immunol & Cell Biol, 88, 431-437.

  Sparber F, Tripp C, Hermann M, Romani N, Stoitzner P
Langerhans cells and dermal dendritic cells capture protein antigens in the skin: possible targets for vaccination through the skin.
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  Flacher V, Tripp C, Stoitzner P, Haid B, Ebner S, Del Frari B, Koch F, Park C, Steinman R, Idoyaga J, Romani N
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J Invest Dermatol. 130(3):755-62.

  Tripp C, Sparber F, Hermans I, Romani N, Stoitzner P
Glycolipids injected into the skin are presented to NKT cells in the draining lymph node independently of migratory skin dendritic cells.
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